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Why travel outside the USA for medical?

The simple answer is cost.
The USA has the most expensive medical system in the world.
Also, compared to the wild price variations one finds in America, prices in Thailand are fairly consistant, regardless of location.
You will of course pay the most for a 5 star, private facility such as Bumrungrad and the least within the public health system.
However, the medical care can be of equal quality..

Why Thailand?

1. Thailand is one of the worlds leading medical tourism providers.
2. State of the art medical facilities.
3. Quality of care.
4. One stop care.
Major hospitals commonly have everything under one roof, even labs, often making same day results possible.
This is a primary reason we love doing our medical in Thailand.

Cost wise, even if your need is just a routine check up and/or some dental work, it might be worth a trip. 


Example of medical costs in Bangkok.

This (in Thai baht) dermatology bill (Jan. 2014) shows the costs for a skin checkup, biopsy (suspected skin cancer), lab report, doctors fee,followup visit, etc. 
Total cost came to about $175.00 at a private Bangkok Hospital (Phya Thai2).

My Blue Cross insurance (USA) covered the costs.